Rent the Audi of your dreams in Murcia

alquilar audi rs 6 avant

Rent an Audi RS6 Avant

motor 600 CV velocimetro 250 Km/h cronometro 0-100: 3.6s
From  749€ Per day

Ask about discounts for multiple days
rent an audi q8 s line

Rent an Audi Q8 S Line

motor 231 CV velocimetro 233 Km/h cronometro 0-100: 7.1s
From  400€ Per day

Ask about discounts for multiple days

Why rent a Audi with Rentlux?

We have a large and varied fleet of vehicles, which allows us to provide luxury car rental at the best price, with delivery and collection service anywhere in Spain, the Balearic Islands, Portugal and the South of France. We renew our fleet of vehicles annually to offer the most recent and exclusive models in the world and we offer you a 24-hour support service to request help or advice at any time. Are you ready to live a unique experience? Get in contact with us.

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    • +25 years of age

    • You must have held your driving licence for at least the past 2 years

    • You must have a bank card

    • We accept various methods of payment

    • Check the location of the vehicle. Transfer not included in the price. Find out the price of transferring the vehicle to your home, hotel or another location

    • Please consult our cancellation policy with your sales representative

    • We reserve the right to provide the rental service.

    • The rental fee and the security deposit must be paid before the rental service is provided.

    • Check the minimum number of days required for a booking (depending on the season) with your sales representative

    Why choose an Audi?

    Audi is a German car company that was founded in 1909 and has a legacy of decades of innovation and performance. Audi has set the standard in the world of motoring with a relentless focus on cutting-edge technology and modern design. The brand’s vehicles are elegant, powerful and full of carefully designed details. Audi is the ideal combination of elegance, efficiency and a thrilling driving experience.


    With outstanding models such as the impressive Audi RS 6 Avant and the sophisticated Audi Q8 S Line, at Rentlux we offer you the opportunity to experience the excellence of this German brand. Rent with Rentlux and you’ll not only immerse yourself in the history of Audi, but you’ll also benefit from our world-class fleet. We guarantee not only state-of-the-art vehicles, but also a hassle-free rental service, the best prices on the market and a commitment to offering the thrill of driving an Audi at its best.

    Driving a luxury car in Murcia

    Enjoy the charm of Murcia from the comfort of a top-of-the-range car. This city’s historic streets will transport you back in time as you are surrounded by ancient and modern buildings. Every corner, from the imposing Cathedral complex to the tranquillity of the Malecón gardens, becomes even more special when you drive a top-of-the-range vehicle.

    Drive a sports car to the Plaza de las Flores

    You can enjoy the beauty of this square full of flower stalls, cosy cafés and the infectious energy of Murcian life if you park nearby. Driving to the Plaza de las Flores is not just a journey; it is a celebration of the combination of the luxury of the automobile and the authenticity of Murcia’s culture.

    Discover the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary at the wheel of a luxury car

    Discover the historical majesty of the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, an architectural gem dating back centuries, and explore its imposing naves and chapels. Drive and park near the cathedral to see the grandeur of its façade and the intricate beauty of its details. A visit to the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary does not simply mean looking at a monument, but also an experience of the cultural and artistic wealth that Murcia has to offer.

    Drive a luxury car to the Monastery of Santa Clara

    Strolling through the ancient corridors and courtyards in this historic building is a unique experience. Park your car and let yourself be captivated by the ancient architecture and the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds it. A tour of the Monastery of Santa Clara is a journey through time that connects you with Murcia’s rich cultural heritage.

    Visit the Malecón gardens with your favourite sports car

    These vibrant gardens surrounded by the River Segura are a tranquil spot in the centre of the city. Driving to the Malecón Gardens is not only a sensory experience, but also an enchanting getaway that combines the speed and sophistication of your sports car with the tranquillity of nature in the centre of Murcia.

    Park your super sports car near the Real Casino de Murcia

    Visit Murcia’s Real Casino and experience the elegance and history of this emblematic building. You will feel a strong connection to the past as you stroll through its tastefully decorated halls. Every step becomes a journey through time, combining modernity with Murcia’s rich cultural heritage, from the moment you park your car until you walk through the doors of the Casino.

    Drive to Monteagudo Castle and discover this impressive rocky outcrop

    Embark on a unique experience by driving to the imposing Monteagudo Castle, a historic bastion that majestically crowns a rocky outcrop. The road that takes you to this fascinating location winds through picturesque scenery, offering panoramic views that set the scene for the grandeur that awaits you. The impressive castle welcomes you as a silent witness to times gone by, with stone walls that hold stories and secrets. Driving to Monteagudo Castle is not just a road trip; it is a journey into history.

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